Dexter Shaw and the Wolftones


Dexter Shaw and the Wolftones

We're delighted to host Dexter Shaw & The Wolftones once again at St Harmonica's Blues Club. Authentic stuff from one of the best in the business.

Born in 1950’s London, Dexter became a mainstay of the British Blues scene after sound engineering for Dr Feelgood. He has played with some of the finest blues guys; Big Joe Louis and his Blues Kings, David Purdy, Gordon Smith and Little George Seuref. Dexter Shaw & The Wolftones were formed in the 90s before Dexter disappeared to rural France. He is considered one of the best out there playing that old school blues 50's style with absolutely fantastic musicians in the band including Francesca Shaw on double bass, Loris Peverany on drums and the legendary Steve West (West Weston) on harmonica - one of the UK's finest. This year Dexter has an outstanding guest musician joining him in the shape of award winning singer and guitarist from Denmark, Big Creek Slim.

Support from one of St Harmonica’s favourites The Right Reverend Swifty LeZarre, originally from New York City, bringing his Dobro to play some acoustic blues for us; time to testify everyone.

We have some excellent footage of Dexter Shaw and the Wolftones shot by Mark Hawkins at the Broomfield Blues series on our You Tube channel if you have time to view:

Their last performance at the club promoted one of our regular customers to tell us he thought they were "the best band we had ever put on at the club.” Come and see if you agree! The Right Reverend Swifty LeZarre will play at 8.30pm followed by two sets from Dexter Shaw and the Wolftones starting just after 9.00pm.