Kirris Riviere and the Delta du Bruit


Kirris Riviere and the Delta du Bruit

We’re always excited to welcome a new act to the club and especially so this Friday when Kirris Riviere and the Delta du Bruit make the long journey up the M4 to entertain us. Hailing from the vibrant blues scene in Bristol, this talented band has quickly gained recognition for their soulful sound and electrifying performances and an acclaimed debut album released last November. Led in the live arena by the multi-talented Kirris Riviere, whose impressive skill set includes the stagecraft of an accomplished theatre actor, the vocal delivery of a learned live singer and blues road man, and the songwriting of a professional script writer and author, the band effortlessly blends their diverse musical influences into a unique and compelling sound. Riviere's soulful vocals and dynamic stage presence have earned him a dedicated following, and he is undoubtedly the driving force behind the band's success.

Kirris Riviere is joined by Evan Newman on keys. Newman's skillful compositions form the foundation of the band's sound, in what is absolutely a collaborative process with the rest of the rhythm section; Between them, their evocative lyrics and arrangements create a highly danceable, authentic and diverse presence that sets them apart from the wider scene. Bryan Jones, brings a deep and groovy foundation on bass guitar while Alastair Toms, an accomplished guitarist and director in his own right, adds his fiery and expressive playing style to the mix. Joining The Delta du Bruit on drums this Friday is Matt Jones, from the Elles Bailey band, described by Potts as the best drummer in Bristol.

Together, they create a haunting tapestry of sound that will transport listeners to a mysterious and compelling swamp of Louisiana blues / R&B.

Have a look at the links below to see the bands three singles and read on for some reviews of their work:

Left Me in the Cold (Railroad Tracks)
The Delta du Bruit
Loose Canon (Daisy Jane)

“As debut albums go, this one is very good indeed" Leon Blanc, Blues in Britain “Live, alive and rumbling, like the old masters taught us. 5stars” Michel Estermann, Blues and Jazz magazine, Switzerland “Deserves to be taken into account, thanks to their approach to genuine real blues that could be tasted in those dark southside Chicago clubs. Very good" La Hora Del Blues, Barcelona

Support comes from the very talented trio, Blues Direction led by Mike Fulke.